Off Script with Ty Temel

Expect raw, honest discussions
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Just 30 episodes in, the podcast has achieved...

17 Million
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Building a personal brand outside of the South Coast

Off Script is a no-filter investigation into the lives of people with interesting stories to share and conversations to have. Ty Temel uncovers the intimate, raw details of his guests' successes, failures and learnings as they navigate through life.

Who is Ty Temel?

CEO & Founder, Spokesperson & Motivator, Mental Health Ambassador.

A motivated entrepreneur with a personal mission to help others. Ty embodies his role as an ambassador for mental health. He is actively making a difference to be part of the solution through motivating others to talk openly and shaping campaigns to target help and resources where they are needed.
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Aims & objectives

Ty approached Podcast Labs with a desire to build his personal brand outside of the South Coast. The aim was to engage large numbers of people outside of his local area through podcast promotional assets, whilst still ensuring that the content of the podcast was high-quality, engaging and met his own personal values.
Unified premium styling and design
The brand and feel of the show had to be cool, modern and sleek to align with Ty’s own Instagram feed and following, but also had to ensure it aligned with the deep messages the show would cover, from addiction to suicide to risking it all.

We created a unique brand and logo that would appeal to the target audience, and was unified across all assets including everything from website assets, to YouTube covers and TikTok styling, to make the show instantly recognisable to new listeners.
Two graphics side by side promoting new episodes of the 'Off Script' Podcast.
High-quality video & audio production
To put Ty at the forefront of his personal brand, we felt that video production was essential and to ensure the quality was always premium, every guest visited the Podcast Labs studio to record in person. This ensured raw, honest, rich content was created, from emotional moments between the host and guest, rather than through awkward video calls.
Engaging Social Media Content
With the podcast also being filmed, we concentrated on platforms with a high organic reach including TikTok and Instagram to generate spiralling engagement levels. We strategically chose content snippets from the show that we knew were topical and gain traction on trends. For example, one TikTok covering hormone-replacement therapy, achieved over 80,000 views overnight.
Available anywhere, anytime
Video content also enabled the show to roll out on YouTube and build audiences on the video platform as well as audio based Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts & Google Podcasts another audience on the video platform as well as across all major podcasting platforms.