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Increasing monthly listens from 200 to 5,000!

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) came to Podcast Labs with the ambition of re-launching their podcast. They wanted to create engaging content for RICS members to enjoy and to encourage the recruitment of new members. The goal was to revitalise their podcast, making it a valuable resource for them and to expand their reach to a wider audience.

Our Services Included:

✅ Remote Recordings
✅ Production
✅ Web Toolkits

Podcast Strategy

To achieve these objectives, we focused our attention on creating a more consistent release schedule and a premium audio experience for our listeners. This meant that members were far more likely to return for upcoming episodes as they knew they could rely on the RICS podcast to provide them with regular valuable content. Our role in the project covers everything from the recording, the production, and the development of web toolkits to ensure a consistent and engaging podcast experience.

Recording & Production

As a large membership organisation, having remote recordings was an essential part of sticking to a regular recording schedule.

Our specialist remote recording support enabled RICS to connect with expert guests (from within the organisation and external businesses) from across the globe, ensuring that the podcast content remained diverse and insightful. Not only this, but the guidance from our audio technician has meant that each session has run smoothly and captured great sound quality. Each episode is then expertly edited to create a smooth listening experience.
The Results
The results of RICS's podcast relaunch were exceptional. The most significant achievement was the substantial increase in listenership. RICS went from averaging 200 listens per month before the relaunch to an impressive 5,000 listens per month, marking a 25-fold increase in their podcast's impact.

Consistent Releases: RICS delivered a new podcast episode every single week for over two years, reflecting their unwavering commitment to providing high-quality content to their audience.

Out-Performing Previous Months: The revamped podcast consistently outperformed their previous monthly statistics, indicating the success of their new approach.

The RICS podcast relaunch demonstrates the power of strategic planning, consistency and the investment in quality production and promotion.

“Podcast Labs are a great support for us they're always keeping us on track and turning around our recordings swiftly so we can continue to release fresh content on a weekly basis to our members”

Natacha | Manager RICS