Boxing Champion, Chris Billam-Smith launches The Perfect Athlete Podcast

August 18, 2022

Podcast Labs teams up with boxing champion Chris Billam-Smith to hunt for the Perfect Athlete with the launch of his brand new podcast.

Bournemouth’s leading podcast production and marketing agency, the Westbourne-based Podcast Labs, has teamed up with boxing champion Chris Billam-Smith to release ‘The Perfect Athlete’ podcast, a series that uncovers the incredible fitness habits of professional athletes, which enable them to fulfil every 1-2% of performance of their body’s potential.

Podcast Labs, who throughout this tumultuous year have managed to grow their state of the art studio and dedicated team in spite of this year’s challenges, are producing, marketing and sponsoring ‘The Perfect Athlete’. Chris Billam-Smith’s new series features an illustrious series of guests such as BDO world champion, Scott Mitchell, AFC Bournemouth’s Junior Stanislas and global #2 polo Champion, Hazel Jackson-Gaona.  

Much of Chris’ incredible winning mindset is laid bare in this podcast series, which promises to peel back the curtain on some of the top athletes’ more unusual practices, such as Scott Mitchell’s ideal alcohol intake for a darts game, or Hazel Jackson-Gaona’s selfless devotion to take better care of her polo horses than of herself.

With a career record of 11-1 from 12 fights since his professional debut in 2017, ‘The Gentleman’ shows no sign of slowing up, striving to achieve his peak potential. The idea of harnessing every small improvement is a concept that forms the foundation for every conversation on ‘The Perfect Athlete’ - with his eyes set on a coveted world championship belt, Billam-Smith believes in his ability to maximise his potential as a formidable fighter;

“I want to be a world champion; there’s stages to that, so the goal is to win a British title, European title, and keep progressing from there.”

As one of the fastest growing forms of media, podcasts are an effective way to reach a wider audience with your content, brand or ideas. Founded last year by Andy James and Kelly Butler, Podcast Labs have been able to offer their full suite of services throughout 2020, helping grow their podcast hosts’ following as podcast audiences continue to stream more content than ever.

Boasting an acoustically treated space for audio and video content, the Podcast Labs space in the heart of Westbourne was revamped over this year’s initial lockdown, returning with a striking visual aesthetic and a wealth of professional recording and production equipment.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the project, Podcast Labs’ Managing Director Andy James said;

“We are delighted to be working with local legend and sporting champion in Chris Billam-Smith! The podcast promises to be really intriguing, especially with such a variety of guests.”

“Expect to hear a real breadth of experiences from a range of sporting disciplines - the guests Chris has brought in so far have all had such insightful approaches to how they acquired their knowledge, methods and experience.”

On why he started ‘The Perfect Athlete’, Chris Billam-Smith said; “I had an idea to start the podcast but wasn’t sure I had the time for it, but with the help of everyone at Podcast Labs it’s been great. I’m so excited to speak to a load of professionals and experts to find out what makes a perfect athlete in each sport!”

‘The Perfect Athlete’ podcast is available now to stream at as well as all major podcast streaming platforms.

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