Podcasts with Purpose

February 21, 2019

Did you know that podcasting is being praised for raising voices that aren’t usually heard in mainstream media? “A podcast is a radio show that no-one can stop you making” comments Deborah Frances-White, host of The Guilty Feminist who covers topics from refugees, feminisim and privilege.

We produce a variety of different shows at Podcast Labs covering topics from gardening to procurement, surveying to art, policing to boxing. Yet all of them ensure that they cover an element of purpose in their production – with similar topic threads throughout them all from increasing diversity in the corporate world or championing sustainable practices.

So we wanted to showcase a few of our episodes that “podcast with purpose” and are helping to make positive changes in the world. Take a listen below…!

Podcast Name: Living Life Well with Simone Thomas

Brand: Simone Thomas Wellness

Episode 10: Championing change in the female health industry with Founder of Daye, organic and CBD tampon products, Valentina Milanova

Podcast Name: Brighter Futures

Brand: Education Development Trust

Episode 3: Achieving a Gender-Responsive Pedagogy with Nora Fyles, Rosa Muraya & Ruth Naylor

Podcast Name: The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast

Brand: Dorset Growth Hub

Episode S1E1: Sustainable practices for SME's" with RNLI's Sustainability Manager, Anna Frizzell - BEYOND 2020

Podcast Name: Talent Talks

Brand: Talent Drive

Episode 20: Diversity & inclusion in procurement with Laura Grant - Virgin Atlantic, Tunde Adeniyi - NHS, Ro Hulston - ITV, Caroline Lloyd - DS Smith

Podcast Name: The Salonology Show

Brand: Salonology

Episode 16: Giving a Life-Saving Haircut with Founder & CEO of The Lions Barber Collective, Tom Chapman

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