"The Future of You" Podcast is named one of the best new shows in tech

August 18, 2022

What an incredible month it's been for one of our brand new podcasts! Just two weeks since launching, "The Future of You" podcast by Tracey Follows has been named one of the ‘best new shows in tech’ according to Apple Podcasts and has received an astonishing line up of five star reviews.

"The Future of You" podcast is Hosted by Tracey Follows and is an extension to her book of the same name. Tracey is named one of the world’s top 50 female futurists in Forbes and the show features many people in her network, including US presidential candidates, pioneering inventors, world leading futurists and award-winning academics to discuss and debate the future of identity in a digital world."

Podcast Labs have been thrilled to be on this journey with Tracey during our “Podcast Strategy and Launch programme.” During this 6-8 week process, we explored the show’s aims and objectives, target audience, format and competition to set the foundations. Before then creating the podcast’s brand identity and style through the new artwork and promotional graphics. We set up the podcast hosting and released an early trailer, before planning the launch to drum up as much impact as possible.

We’re excited to be continuing to produce and promote the latest episodes of the show, and watching its growth and achievements continue to shine during its first few months.

Follow the show via https://www.traceyfollows.com/ or listen directly through the player below or on your favourite podcasting platform by searching for "The Future of You."

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