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Remote Podcast Recording

Our seamless recording process doesn’t sacrifice audio quality.  We record, edit, distribute & promote podcasts for remote clients all over the world. And the best bit? You don’t even need to leave your home.

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Why record remotely?

We get it. Diaries are busy and often hard to align. Commutes are very much a thing of the past. Recording regularly in a studio is a big commitment. And some of your best guests aren’t even in the same country!

That’s why we offer our podcasting services for remote clients. Sure, we won’t capture both of you sitting together in one room. But we will promise to capture and edit high quality audio, with multiple backups. With video too, if you’d like.
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"I've been recording the Disconnected Podcast with Podcast Labs every fortnight for nearly 2 years. I join from Hong Kong, whilst they run everything from their Bournemouth Studio. Dan is so helpful during the sessions, and makes my guests feel relaxed and ready to record!"

Jag Sharma, Host of Disconnected Podcast

Who are we?

We produce, manage and market podcasts for creators and brands. We're the perfect blend of producers and marketers who believe high quality should always be the driving force. We provide strategy, audio, visual & social production.

Whether that’s in our studios or wherever you are. Just because you’re not in the same room, doesn’t mean you can’t create an award-winning podcast.  For our remote clients, we cover everything from tech setup, equipment advice, software, audio quality checks and prepping your guests. We really do cover all bases.

How do we support you?

We’ve got the best remote podcast recording software
Since podcasts are mostly an audio experience, capturing the highest-quality audio is very important. The software we use doesn’t compress to ensure we get high quality audio. No Zoom or Teams around here! We record multiple backups so there's no fear of having to re-record. We capture separate audio channels so that we can ensure consistency audio quality between guests. Even if we have to tweak it in post-production.
We really care about the audio quality
That's why we prep you beforehand on the best equipment and environment set up. Our friendly tech specialists will have calls to guide you through everything you need to know. And we’ll be on hand during recordings to set things up.
We get the best out of your guests
It's not just the hosts who need a bit of guidance. We'll liaise with your guests before hand to make sure they're clued up on the best environment to record in and have access to the appropriate tech. We answer any concerns and make sure your guest is comfortable and ready to get started!
We edit, distribute and promote
Recording really is only one piece of the puzzle. After we work out magic with editing, distributing and promoting your content. We create social posts to help you get your message out.
End-to-end Podcast Services

Interested in our full list of services?

We offer a wide range of podcast services, including branding, video recording, marketing and promotion.